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A Picture of Amanda Busuttil — Active Flow Physio

About me

Amanda Busuttil

Certified Physiotherpist and 
Founder of Active Flow Physio

Hi! I’m Amanda Busuttil, Northern Beaches local and qualified physiotherapist. Having been in the healthcare industry for over 17 years, I have gained extensive knowledge and experience and am certified to assess, diagnose, and treat a variety of different ailments...

Throughout my career – having worked in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, and community-based settings – my evidence-based therapy practices have enabled me to assist patients with musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, neurological, and cardio-respiratory issues.

Northern Beaches Hospitals I have worked at include:


  • Arcadia Hospital

  • Northern Beaches Hospital

  • Delmar Hospital

  • APAC Physio

  • Mona Vale Hospital

  • Manly Hospital

  • Lady Davidson Hospital

Thanks to my experience having worked within these various healthcare facilities, I’ve built a large network of fellow health professionals, particularly Orthopaedic surgeons. This has allowed me the opportunity to become familiar with post-operative protocols while giving me access to open lines of communications to other local healthcare professionals if required. 

I approach every patient with the same devotion and care, and I look to form a good relationship with everyone who requires my help. My assessments are thorough and I approach all treatments through an evidence-based and appropriate outcome measures standpoint. 


Should you feel like your health and vitality could use a boost, I am more than excited to help you your body back in its best possible shape.


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